Tuesday, February 26, 2008
How do u you do that ...
this is an open discussion entree.

Lately business online have been "IN" thing in Malaysia. I felt proud seing many of 'us' have the guts selling just anything. Just name it!! (I cant give u the longgg list...and its simply amazing!). So this competitive market have sometimes created "P-H-D" feelings! It happend to and im not sure it happend to me you too or not! But whatever it takes, i do accept this as a norm behaviour in real business world.

To stay competitive is good! But how is it being done must been strategize carefully. Don't you think so? (Suddenly i remebered my Strategic Marketing 's lectured)I have seen my own pic being 'copy' and 'paste' to another blog. I have faced people 'UNlist' me in the Directory. I have heard personally people talking bad things about my brand. (How- I pretended that i also do not know this person which this small group ..-competitor of course--). In other simple word.. i have faced many. But today i am still smiling and still selling. That is what i do.

How about you? How do you do that?


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  • At February 29, 2008 at 4:48 AM, Blogger Little Flower Pot and Gifts

    emm how do i manage to face these ppl? buat don't know je! they have been spying thru fake yahoo IDs and emails and i can still trace them :P they are so annoying tapi nak buat camana,sabar je lah..i just be honest with myself. for me that is the key to successful business. sapa dengki Tuhan balas lah nanti....

  • At March 5, 2008 at 7:48 PM, Anonymous fally

    Well, Im rather new at this...but the reason why I gave my plan a go is because Ive seen so many ladies out there are doing the same thing and they r successful doing it (biz online i mean)..So i thought...sampai bile aku nak tunggu? Mungkin aku pon bleh wat? Anyways ranjau duri tu mmg la banyak. Being a peniaga like my mom (my idol!) thru direct selling retail ni lagiii susah you.. hutang tanak bayar...telipon tak angkat..etc etc..I wish us all the best in this business..and dont worry rezeki tu datang dari Allah..tak kisahla.kalau dah rezeki kite akan dapat jugak...;)