Thursday, January 24, 2008
Countdown to 1st OLD Club Gathering
Hey u girls..
I know its office hours but i cant hide my excitement on tomorrow meets! the 'gift' are nearly finished and next to do are :-
1) To bring business cards
2) To charge my dig camera
3) To attend gathering with full of ideas about OLD Club future
4) To bring the exchange gift

Girls.. i shall meet u up there. I try to be there at least 15 mins early! Those who are driving.. come earlier coz to get parking spot in The Curve can be realllly anooying!!

In case u were stopped with all the interesting & attractive goods sold at the flea market.. try to do it after gathering as i do not intend to make the gathering ends late! In other word, try not to be late!!

If u did not recognize us, (a group of pretty ladies talking2 at the corner) just find me! .. Im that tall, round face, fat & dark skin girl with long straight hair!! Unsure what will i be wearing but should be a blouse with a pair of jeans. Still cant recognize me.. Call or SMS me at 019-3861123..

See u girls there!

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