Saturday, January 5, 2008
What are we gonna do..
well, so far i have received good feedback from OLD Club Members.
Revert to this entree if u are in!!
for Pretty Mommies... we surely gona do one if u tell us when ur coming ok!!

Well.. here what we gonna do ..
1.We gonna get to know each other
2. We gonna talk about OLD Club
3. We gonna exchange gift
(the idea is everyone bring their 'own item from your label'. and we exchange gift from there)
4. We gonna eat!

That is so far what i have in mind... anything else...? revert to this entree!

Rsvp so far:-
1) Mya&Diana from Lace&Beads Creations (2)
2) Suz from Little Flower Pot (1)
3) Kue from Lets Bake with Puteri & I (1)
4) Lia&Partner from Get Gorgeous (2)
5) Lin from Handmade Greetings Card From Lin (1)

6) Iewa fron Ehantaran (1)

* Pretty Mommies Shop (1)

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  • At January 12, 2008 at 3:49 AM, Blogger ku E


    i am so sorry that i have to be in grik for a community prog on 26-jan morning. wonder whether we could extend the time, so that i could drive down to kl right after i finish my job there around 1pm; or else we amend the date to sunday.