Thursday, December 13, 2007
I lost u
well.. this talk has nothing to do with OLD Club. But i thought just sharing with all of u and i believed some will have good advices.

Im now in my sad mood as i lost the baby. Yes... im 7 weeks preggy but miscariage yesterday after continous bleeding. Hurm.. sedih sangat because 2 weeks before i was always on mc. Totally stay on bed. Cant even carry that lap top or else... start bleeding! yeah.. that bad! ... I did take folid acids, resting a lot (duduk tgk tv from -Breakfast with Ntv7, Oprah, Martha Stewart to Ugly Betty at star world), not carrying heavy stuff... tapi... dah tak de rezeki kan...

So, yesterday at 12noon at Gleneagles, i did my D&C. Im back now and do nothing. Lying on my bed with lap top next to me. Im going through those pantang now... i hope ill be fine coz im a bit emotional sometimes... (kelememeh sikit lahh)

I dont do any prepartion yet except buy 1 pair of Miki Mom Maternity Pants. (Damn confortable lohh.. will be continue wearing it!). And oh yes..ive packed all those skirts, small size top and high heels..(thought not gonna be wearing it in another 7 months)... Before doc & me decided to let go the baby.. we did tried other initiaves such as weekly injections... but again.. dah tak de rezeki kan...

So all mothers out there... tell me a good pantang!!!
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