Sunday, September 30, 2007
Message from Us..

Welcome to OLD Club. Our Little Design Club was inspired when i was chatting with one of the member talking about Malaysian Online Business. It is no doubt that this globalisation has created many housewife, mothers and even executives to step one foot into online business. Does not matter wheather u're a trader or the creator of ur own design / label. We all are trying to sell something to someone.

Although we are only 2 years old but we have known many. We have our own idol and we learnt by mistakes and support from each other. So i was thinking, why dont we have our own club? Its more like a group where we young entrepreneurs meet other member, find new friends and exchange opinion and information.

As an online businesswoman too, we understand how difficult sometimes it can be to promote our brand, to liase with strangers and building a repo & relationship with your customers. Especially when we faced 'dengki' people that have potential to egitate you. Well, however we strongly believes that 'seandainya tuhan tentukan rezeki itu milik kita, maka milik kitalah ianya'. Thefore we hope that this OLD Club primary focus is supporting one another , and providing a netwrok for all OLD Club Members to reach out to one another.

It is important to us that we have someone to reach out to, so if you feel like the OLD Club is something that could benefit you, joined us. (and if u dont have 'dengki' attitude.. heheh)

We end this message by officiate the OLD Club on 1st Oct 2007 and
extending wishes to all club members, WELCOME to OLD Club!


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Friday, September 28, 2007
To be an OLD Club Members
OLD Club Member can be invited by Admin, nominated by other member and a request to joint the OLD CLub by simply emailing us this details:-

*Info on Brand/Design*
1. Name of Brand / Design :
2. Website :
3. Product Category :
4. List of ur Products :
5. Other Info : (flickr)

*Info on Owner/Designer*
1. Name :
2. Email :
3. Contact No. :
4. Profession :
5. Status :
6. Personal Web/Blog : (FP/Blog/Frienster/Myspace/etc)


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Sunday, September 23, 2007
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