Tuesday, January 15, 2008
Pretty Much Confirmed
Hey u girlss....

Soory.. Administrator extremely busy!! .. Malaysian to witness another new car!! Another new excitement!! . Check out us on 18th Jan 08 at KLCC Convention Centre! (heheh... promote pulak!)

Its pretty much confirmed!
Time : 4pm (tentatively finished at 6pm)
Venue: The Marche, Curve Damansara
Day : 26th Jan 08

Theme :- Be who you are becoz we want to know the girl behind that label
Activities :- Just a gathering talking about OLD Club
Stuff : Well.. as mentioned... we gonna do some exchange gift.. so just bring anything. if possible something from ur creation.. BUt those who are dealing with expensive stuff.. pls dont spent that much.. Its more like a token! .. some ask how much budget.. i must say.. RM3 to RM5 will do.. Again.. pls dont spent that much... we dont want to burden anybody!
Rules : No boys allowed! hehheh.. its for us. So those hubby, boyfie.. gi lah jalan2 kat Ikea ker.. kat flea market ker.. ( sorry girls.. lets get to know us first before we got to know the rest of u)

Please remember to bring your business card ok!!! To see the RSVP, check out entree below! and.. bring 1 extra for our beloved Pretty Mommies Shop! We gonna post it to u!!!

& Please dont be late! (Except Miss Kue yg akan drive all the way right after her event from Grik, Perak a lil bit later). We have to consider those who are staying far from that area & those taking public transport!

See ya OLD Club!!

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