Monday, February 18, 2008
Hi all
Hi everyone.
Sorry for the long silence. Actually im just back from Hospital (Again!). If u could remember, i did ask around a good pantang advice from previous entree..Actually i have some 'kesinambungan' story from it.
After the Miscarriage, i still have some pain. Plp always said that it was just a cramp from the D&C. But i did not feel good. So i decided to see my gyne again and by surprise we were both shocked to found a LUMP. So doc arrange for an operation to check out what was it actually (since they can only thought its a LUMP). I was very shocked to know that 'lump' apparently the twin from previous miscarrige. But this 'lump' was found out side my Rahim. So practically i was pregnent with twins dalam & luar rahim. (Yup! very-very rare cases)So now im just back and going through the 'pantang' again!! (since i undergone c-sact).

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