Wednesday, October 24, 2007
Share & Learn : ShoppingNSales
Assalamualaikum & Hi everyone.
Sorry, life has been hectic lately with Hari Raya’s Open House and job to complete.
I am delighted that we have received many encouraging feedbacks on these OLD Club initiatives. I felt blissful on the full support. However I am sorry if I can’t update this blog regularly as im working from am to late pm, being a wifey and an entrepreneur as well. (Can be called as wonderwoman tak ? hehehh) Hence, I am inviting any club members who are interested to post entree to this blog simply by emailing your post to

With here, I would like to introduce a new label – “Share & Learn”. Its about links that I found interesting to be shared and hope might benefit OLD Club members directly or indirectly. So email me if u found any info or link that should be shared & learned!

Its every girl skill to shop and shop till she drop! Especially during Sales! If u weren’t club members, so u doesn’t get the updates (except through print ads and word of mouth). So u OLD Club members out there, check out this link that I often browse (everyday actually): -


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